Here is my commercial stuff.

» Real Materials for Unity3D «

» Real Materials for Blender «

» Real Materials for Cryengine «

Here is my CG-art made for fun & experiments in various realtime game engines.

For "Blue Mars" virtual world at 2010 year (Cryengine-2 based; it's emty and dead now):

And here some artworks on walls from artist Mexanist and X-Rom:

In Cryengine 3 - AmmoMOD for Crysis-2 game:

In Cryengine 3 - some random stuff with Crysis-2 game SDK (plus some video):

In Cryengine 3 SDK v3.5.8 (before cubemap reflections was limited to ugly 256x256px!):

In Cryengine 2 - "Future campus" sketches and some other stuff.

In Cryengine 2 - an sketch of multiplayer map (had idea about this map since Source engine!):

In Unreal Engine 4.7 - made "Real Metals - Copper" materials pack for sale in their asset store, but it was rejected with reason "We don't think that anybody will buy your bare metal materials" :E

Some tests of graphics on Unity 3.x + 4.0 beta:

Some tests works (with same scene) done in Lumion 3D v.4.0:

Some tests works with my old scene in Lumion 3D v.5:

Source engine 2005-2008 years experiments - were my hobby in realtime graphics begins actually! Map for Counter-Strike Source CS Abascond PRO and other random stuff: